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Episode the Thirty-Ninthe: Gotta Convince 'Em All
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Publish-date-icon June 6, 2009
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Once again the show has been left to the likes of not Randall, which effectively means that Alexander Bevier, Dan Diemer, James Gillard, Wesley Johnson, and Jordan Wasilka are calling the shots. And the shots they call will confound and amaze you, Gentle Listener.

In this episode:
Jokes, jests, and japes at Randall's expense. Alexander is not from French, but from Washingtonian. Goes to college on the cheap and writes toward an English degree. Wants to be Leonard Maltin of videogames. Dumb jokes about college names. Meet Alexander: PAX veteran, volunteer, enforcer, and Pokemon proponent. Also loves the single player experience. Dragonslayer. Knockoff toys and t-shirts. UFC game pleases Gillard, who is now resolved to take up mixed martial arts. Infamous discussed. James suggests that this is the year to take the plunge and buy a PS3. Wes agrees. Wii Punch-Out!!! hits the nail on the head, says Dan. The problem of originality in Wii game design. Insulinfunk.net plugged ad nauseum. PSP Go discussion. E3 hopes and fears. Fahrenheit. Dan complains of canine flatulence. Alan Wake debated. Wesley reads from a website. The dietary impacts of teleportation. Spider-man's powers considered from a realistic perspective. Wes's diabetic powers imagined at length. Marie's public/private D&D campaign posting. James big into Public Enemy lately. Other favorite groups discussed. Books about videogames introduced with flair by Alexander. The sad decline of John Romero. Megaman haiku. The Bioshock novel, and Bioshock 2. Ineffectively quieted ukelele strumming my fate in the background.

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Intro and outro music excerpted from "Shapes" and "Scared Straight," by The Long Winters. You can find both songs on their CD When I Pretend to Fall. Songs used by permission, courtesy of Barsuk Records. Thanks to both John Roderick of TLW and Emily Alford at Barsuk.

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