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Episode the Thirty-Seventhe: Squash the TVP Saturday
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Publish-date-icon May 18, 2009
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Ever wonder what's it's like to go green? Then you're in luck, Gentle Listener. Hip[pie/ster] hosts Ben Udashen, Wesley Johnson, Nick Coffman, Jarret Green, and Randall Smith are here to hacky-sack with you. Indeed much of the show is dedicated to working out personal beefs/tofus.

In this episode:
Ben's a Dallas emigré, now residing in Olympia, Wa, and mostly games on his PC. Nick a native of Olympia now residing in Yelm, WA, and like Ben also at THE Evergreen State College. Nick is a cheapskate and only buys bargain games. Also, a bot-biased gamer. A brief appreciation of older games with bots. Great deals on Crackdown and other games at New Egg. Jarret implements Squash the Beef Friday in his classroom; has to explain concept repeatedly to un-hip students. Jarret not exactly bumping chests with fellow teachers. Jarret takes in a Flight of the Conchords concert; FoTC roundly appreciated by all. Wes returns from Spinal Tap: Unwigged & Unplugged, and provides a report. Also, meets a single flight attendant at the show. Jokes about joking about joking, at one another's expense. All roads lead to Yelm. Dragonslayer: Plants Vs. Zombies (Wes), Dragon Quest V (Ben), GTA: Chinatown Wars (Jarret), Fable II (Nick), and Crackdown (Randall). Cheap games at New Egg! Beard survey, taken and discussed. Beardlessness lamented by Nick, Jarret, and Randall; Wes and Ben content with their facial lots. Star Trek discussed. Randall recommends the Creative Screenwriting podcast with a caveat. Three out of four other hosts recommend Star Trek to Jarret; three out of four other hosts think Nick Coffman is an unappreciative clod. Star Wars One-Minute Fanfic Theatre. Nick Coffman just a bit too eager to pen Angel fanfic. Lost ending debated, and the word "poutrage" makes an appearance. Note: our hosts this week mistake the statue on the island as Anubis; it's clearly identified elsewhere as Sobek.

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Manualist performance of Twentieth Century Fox theme by R.A. Wilson, viewable here. Manualist performance of Star Wars Cantina theme by Gerry Phillips, viewable here. Intro and outro music excerpted from "Shapes" and "Scared Straight," by The Long Winters. You can find both songs on their CD When I Pretend to Fall. Songs used by permission, courtesy of Barsuk Records. Thanks to both John Roderick of TLW and Emily Alford at Barsuk.

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