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Episode the Thirty-Seconde: Lonely at the Top
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Publish-date-icon April 15, 2009
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It's taken thirty-two episodes to get any South African ingredients, Gentle Listener, but at last, your short order is cooked up and ready. And it's biggie-sized, not only because it features Ben Pack, Wesley Johnson, Ludwig Kietzmann, and Randall Smith, but also because it's twice as long as usual.

In this episode:
New folks sized up and welcomed. Pikmin joke gets lost on everyone but Ludwig, who silently resents being unappreciated. Ben spins a tall tale or two about life and journalism. Wes laments getting dumped by someone way too young for him anyway. Possible final dumper/dumpee exchanges discussed. An update on the development of Wingdamage.com. Why hasn't Ludwig been on the show yet? Ludwig is a blogger, not a game "journalist." Ludwig's favorite company vis-a-vis PR. Ludwig's actual role at Joystiq, and what he loves the most to do: write. The man who reads every single word on the site. A few questions about coaching writers, from an editorial perspective. A challenge to the JPAG to appreciate Ludwig's attention to detail and grammar. Dragonslayer! Dreamcast games then and now. The Emerald City Comicon, and Jonah's fantastic experience at it. Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim plugged by Randall. The good videogame movies, listed by good videogame movie expert Ludwig K. A slight detour into Raul Julia appreciation, that ends with a venomous recommendation. A high-falutin' discussion of games to be played versus games to be gamed, using Iroquois Pliskin's blog as a starting point.

Links noted:
Scott Pilgrim
Versus CluClu Land
The Geek Hierarchy

Intro and outro music excerpted from "Shapes" and "Scared Straight," by The Long Winters. You can find both songs on their CD When I Pretend to Fall. Songs used by permission, courtesy of Barsuk Records. Thanks to both John Roderick of TLW and Emily Alford at Barsuk.

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