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Episode the Thirty-Firste: A Grand Am Not
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Publish-date-icon April 7, 2009
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Of all the faults this here show may be said to have, Gentle Listener, I hope it may not be accused of being overly direct and to the point. To wit: 130 minutes of Shandyian rambling await you, but hosts James Gillard, Wesley Johnson, Clayton Ashley, Rob Coleman, and Randall Smith are intent on conveying you to nowhere in the most fashionable method possible. Righty-O!

In this episode:
Rob Coleman: father, gamer, and financier of death. The pitfalls of parenting a young gamer, with no precedents for digital moderation. A fond look back at the early days of the JPAG. Russ Walsh's odd "appreciation" for James. Clayton introduces us to the Name of the Year Sweet Sixteen tournament. Wes's new wheels, and his dad's unseemly fixation on MPG ratings and perpetual automotive debt. Dragonslayer! The merits of GTA: Chinatown Wars. Which DS should you buy? The rise and fall of gaming communities, and the transcendent timelessness of the JPAG in comparison. A segue into the mind of fanboys. Clayton's insignificant book recommendation. The news from New Cypress. Chick Tracts as famous scare-vangelism. This week's JPAG memes: Omegle membership drive, and awesomely bad movies.

Links noted:
Name of the Year
Veeps: Profiles in Insignificance
Chick Tracts
Mazes and Monsters link at IMDB
New Cypress News Twitter Feed

Intro and outro music excerpted from "Shapes" and "Scared Straight," by The Long Winters. You can find both songs on their CD When I Pretend to Fall. Songs used by permission, courtesy of Barsuk Records. Thanks to both John Roderick of TLW and Emily Alford at Barsuk. New Cypress News music: "Freja's Breakdown" by Freja Bluegrass Band, available on the Podsafe Music Network.

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