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Episode the Thirtiethe: Psychohio!
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Publish-date-icon April 2, 2009
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Hosts for the first part of this show include Holly Attesi, Zachary Williams, Russ Walsh, Matt Wetzel, Jordan Wasilka, and Randall Smith. Hosts for the second, Columbus-y part? Wesley Johnson, Marie Barnes, and Jarret Green.

In this episode:
Zach, the gentle giant who becomes a raging jotun when he catches kids stealing at work. Moreover, a massive migrant, apparently, continually oscillating between Danieltown and the Chesapeake Bay area. Zach a fan of Rock Band. All hosts fans of Rock Band in comparison to Guitar Hero; Zach also a fan of The Sword. Matt Wetzel in school majoring in Political Science. Matt a diehard mouse and keyboard control guy, and thus a PC gamer. Jordan and Randall recount their latest Street Fighter IV clashes. Russ explains Bison Month at Eegra.com (whence our art for this week's banner and mp3 art comes). Dragonslayer! Zach wandering through Dracula's upside-down castle, abusing a candlestick for money. Russ cannot say "Broken Telephone" without his voice itself breaking up. Whole lot of Peggle playing going on. Potato chip crunching not appreciated on GDC Joystiq podcast #1. More blather about SFIV: Jordan paranoid about feedback. OnLive discussed again as a viable medium; arguments for and against. Discussion of Zelda, and the latest game announcement from GDC. The viability of the franchise in general, and how it might be improved. Minish Cap an expensive investment. Games in which the hosts have all the achievements (a very short discussion). Prototype and Modern Warfare 2 look great. Mega Man on the iPhone? Street Fighter Theme disappointing on iGoogle. Zach makes a plea for people to friend him; with any luck he will not have RROD'ed before he can accept.

And then it's off to Columbus to hang with Jarret, Wes, and Marie at the meet-up. What have they been up to? Only you will know, Gentle Listener, if you listen to the second half of this special episode.

Intro and outro music excerpted from "Shapes" and "Scared Straight," by The Long Winters. You can find both songs on their CD When I Pretend to Fall. Songs used by permission, courtesy of Barsuk Records. Thanks to both John Roderick of TLW and Emily Alford at Barsuk.

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